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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most asked questions we receive about our pressure washing and window washing services.

What is included in the price ($7 per window)?

The window glass is hand cleaned inside and out at that price point. The window seal, as well as your screens, will be wiped down with no extra charge!

What would be an extra charge?

If you have excessive paint on your windows, it would be an extra charge to remove all of it because that involves scraping your window before cleaning the glass. Screen replacements, cleaning chandeliers, cleaning mirrors, and replacing light bulbs are all possible, but they are an extra charge due to the extra labor involved. The price of the extra charge depends on the difficulty of the task, and you can always ask Joe the price point before proceeding!

How do you clean the windows?

We hand wash every window using a strip washer dipped in a soapy solution. After your window is scrubbed, we squeegee the solution off. Then, we wipe any drips and dust your screen as well as your window seal. Viola, You have a shiny, clean window!

How often should I get my windows and/or my house and driveway pressure washed?

That’s totally up to you! Most of our customers get their services done twice a year or every 6 months. This time frame will guarantee your windows and driveway look clean all year! Joe has a very busy schedule, so we recommend booking Joe at least one month in advance before you want your services done. It’s very difficult to squeeze you into the schedule if you only give him one or two weeks’ notice.

Why does my window look foggy?

Foggy windows are an indicator that your window has a broken seal. When a window has a broken seal, water and debris tend to get caught in between the glass giving it a foggy look. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to remove the foggy look simply by cleaning the outside glass. You’ll need to get that window replaced. We can recommend a great window replacement service!